Whatever industry you’re in, new technology will ultimately come along and affect the way you do business. That’s why everyone at Lakeshore Recycling Systems keeps up with the latest technological developments. We are able to provide the best services to our consumers in the Chicagoland area as a consequence of these efforts. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that waste management technology is evolving.


The ability to convert garbage into actual power is one of the most significant advances in the waste management sector. Certain types of garbage can be transformed into energy rather than ending up in a landfill. New “digesters” can absorb waste and the biogas it creates and convert it to energy that may be used on the spot. Food, animal waste, agricultural leftovers, and other wastes can all be processed using this technology.

Another innovative technology that can be utilised to transform garbage into niche items is thermal conversion. Natural geothermal processes, which use heat and pressure to turn waste into valuable items, inspired this concept. It might be used to recycle waste into chemicals, fertilisers, oils, and other items, thereby giving your rubbish a second life.

Even a small amount of landfill gas can be used to power a generator. Normally, this type of gas would be expelled or flared, but thanks to innovative technology, it can now be converted into electricity. Waste can now be utilised through bioreactors, microturbine technologies, and even fuel cells.


Precious metals are required in so many products and sectors. These minerals can be quite costly due to their high utility. Platinum, palladium, and iridium are examples of materials that can be utilised as catalysts in a range of industries, including automotive and chemical.

Plasma arc recycling, for example, is a new approach that can assist our society satisfy the expanding demand for these resources. Using a super-hot plasma torch, this technology can recover the vast majority of the platinum metal present in a vehicle or other object. We can repurpose these resources and give them a second life instead of digging for new minerals.


While it may not be as exciting as producing electricity from waste or employing plasma lasers, technology has assisted waste disposal companies such as ours in optimising routes and increasing efficiency. Advanced software has made planning routes for waste collecting trucks much easier. This not only makes it easier to gather the waste and recycling products that must be collected, but it also makes it more environmentally friendly. It also reduces energy consumption and improves the efficiency of collection.


Waste management firms can use new sensors to detect when bins are full and need to be serviced. New types of screening equipment can rapidly and efficiently sort recyclables, removing the burden from customers and encouraging increasing recycling rates. We’ll keep adding the latest technology into our waste disposal and recycling operations at Lakeshore Recycling Systems to ensure that we’re providing the finest service to our customers while also helping to maintain the environment.

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