Theft insurance for your cell phone

In a world where mobile phones have practically become man’s best friend, various precautionary measures are taken to protect them. That is why smartphone insurance has become very popular today, but  how good is it to hire the service?

Various telephone companies such as Telcel, AT&T and Movistar offer this type of insurance ; However, although they may seem very attractive from the beginning, you should know all the details and conditions to which you are committing yourself when you sign.

For instance; Depending on the current value of your cell phone, it will be the additional amount that you will have to pay in the monthly rent of your rate plan. You should also know that some of these insurances and their deductibles do apply when your cell phone is stolen ; but only if the crime was committed with some kind of violence .

What does each company’s insurance offer?



* Accidental physical damage: by liquid or broken screen.
* Electrical or mechanical failure (after the manufacturer’s warranty expires).

Replacement and repair

* Telcel Mobile Protection can be effective 7 days a week.
* Delivery of your mobile device within an estimated period of 2 to 3 business days * once the claim is approved.


$ 99, $ 129, $ 219, $ 239 (VAT included) depending on your mobile device *.


* For accidental damage or failure: 30% of the price
* For theft: 40% of the price 



* Accidental damage
* Mechanical or electrical
failure * Theft with violence
* Except those that the manufacturer covers in its warranty.

Replacement and repair

* “In the event that the cell phone suffers a loss, we guarantee that an attempt will be made to repair it and, if repair is not possible, the cell phone, the standard battery, the charger and the SIM card (if necessary) will be replaced. Accessories will only be covered if its damage occurs along with the damage suffered by the cell phone. The replacements will be made with reconditioned cell phones of a similar brand and style. Only new cell phones will be used as there are no reconditioned replacements. “

* It is suggested to give notice of the loss within the following five days of having occurred, except in fortuitous cases or force majeure.


$ 79, $ 99, $ 179, $ 269, $ 289. Depending on the current value of the cell phone.


* Mechanical or electrical failure 20%
* Accidental damage 30%
* Robbery with violence



* Damages out of warranty: These are those that are generated in the device by carelessness or use such as: falls, bumps or impacts, wetting, crushing, etc.
* Robbery or assault with violence: It is the theft or assault of goods, by any person or outsiders using force, physical or moral violence towards the people in charge of handling the goods.

Replacement and repair

In cases of robbery with violence:

Go to a customer service center to carry out the replacement process for theft with the following requirements:

* Original or certified copy of the act before the MP with the specification of robbery with violence with the following information:
– Name of the owner of the line.
– Phone number.
– Brand of the cellular telephone equipment.
– Model of the cellular telephone equipment.
– Series of stolen cellular telephone equipment (IMEI in case of GSM equipment).
– Stamps and signatures of the ratification of the complaint by the authority that issues it.

In cases of out-of-warranty damage

They go to a customer service center with technical service, to carry out the process of diagnosing their failure, in case the failure is diagnosed outside the manufacturer’s warranty, the customer can replace their equipment by paying the recovery fee.

Some of the restrictions, regardless of the company you hire, are that the service coverage applies for a maximum of 2 events in a 12-month period, either for out-of-warranty damage and robbery with violence , which is credited only with the complaint before the Public Ministry (Not applying in theft). Just to mention some of the restrictions that may come in your contract. Don’t forget to read the fine print.