How to avoid having rats in my house from now on?

Now that you know what are the products to end the nightmare of rats at home, we want you to have complete information to avoid the presence of these unpleasant rodents.

You should know that the most important thing for rats is to find a place with the right conditions to survive, feed and reproduce. In the houses there are spaces in which we would not think that a rat could live, but that can be pleasant shelters for rodents. Rats are nocturnal animals and for this reason they go out in search of food when you are probably sleeping. They move close to furniture and walls to find their way more easily and rummage through food and water debris.

Due to their nocturnal activity, rats can often go unnoticed by us for long periods of time. One way to identify their presence is by checking our food pantries. If we find small bites in food, furniture or cables, remains of excrement or hair, it is a clear sign that there are rats in the house.

To prevent that from happening, we must eliminate all food that may be within reach. Rats are very comfortable in kitchens, precisely because they find food easily in them and have their preferred living conditions: a warm temperature and even a little humidity. Therefore, it is not surprising to find them behind the refrigerator, the washing machine or the dishwasher, since they are electrical appliances that give off heat, and also in the sanitation areas of the houses.