What is a UPS solution?

What can a UPS solution prevent? Let’s start with the most common ones. An “outage” is not a complete power failure, but it can affect the normal operation of installed equipment, preventing it from functioning properly and, in some cases, causing it to overheat due to insufficient voltage in the power supply.

Power conditioning is one way to reduce the problems caused by “interruptions” and “spikes” by providing a constant output voltage for equipment operation.

But even a 30-millisecond power interruption does not provide power. Such interruptions are enough to cut off power to the device and cause a malfunction. Now you know why we need uninterruptible power supplies or the best APC smart UPS systems, as they are called.

To solve this problem, we offer “uninterruptible power supply solutions” when equipment cannot survive a power failure of more than 10 to 15 milliseconds. The type of UPS depends on the load.

In homes and small offices, on the other hand, if the computer loses power, data is lost and in some cases, it is not possible to make a backup copy. The UPS suitable for these operating conditions is an in-line UPS.

In normal operation, the UPS regulates the incoming mains supply against “spikes” or “dips”, often using a transformer circuit. When the mains voltage exceeds the specified limit for proper UPS control, the UPS switches the output to the UPS and runs on battery power until the mains voltage returns to the specified operating tolerance of the UPS or the battery drops to the lower safe operating limit.

In the other data room, there are rows of server racks. In this case, the proposed UPS solution is clearly a “double conversion” parallel UPS system. In a “double conversion” UPS system, the UPS is always connected to the power grid, so there is no need to turn it on and off as described above. The parallel system is also more resistant to power outages because it has an N+1 configuration.

Regardless of the number of inverters needed to power the load, if one module fails or is disconnected from the grid, a replacement module is immediately available.

Uninterruptible power supply solutions are not just for supporting your IT system. If you need short-term power in the event of a grid failure, a UPS solution is ideal.

In some cases, it can even be used as an emergency power source to open and close electrical doors. In this case, there is no need for an uninterruptible power supply, only a power source in case of a power grid failure.

Uninterruptible power supplies are also suitable for operating smoke extraction fans in buildings. In the event of a fire, the power grid is interrupted. A UPS-powered solution is therefore ideal for operating smoke extraction fans in a room. In this case, too, there needs to be a way to run the equipment without power for a period of time.

APC branded UPS solutions are the ideal solution for temporary power in case of a power failure. They rely on battery life, making them suitable for applications where the equipment they support can be safely shut down before the end of the battery life, or where short-term power is needed to operate critical equipment in a controlled environment.

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