Things about flight attendants you probably don’t know

Being a flight attendant is one of the most exciting jobs and it has a thorough and important role. Also, flight attendants are great communicators, however, there are a lot of things they don’t talk out loud. Further, there is a lot that a flight attendant goes through every day and the job isn’t a cakewalk. Do you want to know the things about flight attendants you probably don’t know? Well, if yes, then read this article until the very end.

Let’s know the things about flight attendants you probably don’t know

They can request to on a certain trip

Yes, after working with an airline for a good time, flight attendants can request to go on a certain trip. However, there are mixed feelings among flight attendants about this opportunity. While some take it to go on their preferred trips. While the others don’t like to request and love to go to random places.

They have something that requires their utmost attention while flying

Flight attendants require paying close attention to the airplane before passengers board it. Because they have several things to check, like the pressure of the airplane door. And after making sure everything is fine, they let passengers board the plane. Because the accurate pressure in the flight gate will be helpful for evacuation purposes.

They usually don’t know their co-workers

Well, working without some of your friends may sound displeasing to you, but flight attendants do it every day. Because they usually meet their co-workers just before the plane is about to board. And in the meantime, they have important discussions about the flight.

Also, during the flight, they hardly get any free time from serving the passengers. Thus, most often flight attendants working as co-workers are strangers to each other.

They have to be ready for work emergencies

Well, have you seen in sports they keep a few players in extra to replace the injured ones? It is the same with flight attendants and they have to be prepared if someone fails to make it to the flight. Thus, if a flight attendant does not show up, there will be someone ready to take his place.

They have to clear the airport security check

Well, if you think that flight attendants don’t have to pass the security, you are wrong. No matter if it’s a domestic flight or a Direct flights to Germany from USA, they have to pass the security check. However, their screening process is done quicker than the passengers.

They should be exceptional with grooming themselves

Flight attendants are always considered glamorous because of the way they carry themselves. And their job also requires them to be the best at grooming themselves. According to an experienced flight attendant, a flight attendant needs to be meticulous in grooming oneself.

This includes. No facial hairs for men like if they carry a mustache, it should be trimmed properly. Further, women flight attendants aren’t allowed to color their hair with unnatural colors.

They need to have a tall height

Height plays a crucial role in the job of being a flight attendant. According to reports, a flight attendant can’t be too short as thus he won’t be able to perform the functions properly. The shortest height that a flight attendant can have constitutes 4 feet and 11 inches. Also, the tallest height that is allowed comprises 6 feet and 3 inches.

They should own a beautiful smile

If you are a frequent traveler you must have noticed the bright white teeth of flight attendants. Well, this is because their job role demands them to have a pretty smile and clean teeth. According to reports, a flight attendant needs to have clear white teeth.

Also, some airlines don’t prefer their flight attendants to have bleached teeth as well.

They can’t get themselves pierced or have tattoos

Tattoos and piercings are completely off the table for flight attendants and are prohibited by the airlines. However, some airlines like BritishAirways set an example by not prohibiting the above. According to these airlines, flight attendants can have tattoos and pierce but they must be covered thoroughly. Thys. The passengers on the board can’t see the tattoos and piercings.

Thus, while taking direct flights to Italy from US or anyplace else, don’t forget to treat the staff with a good smile.