How to register an NPI number

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid developed the National Plan and Enumeration System Provider to create specific identifying information. The NPI registry offers an efficient option for the transmission of health information and offers consumers the opportunity to search the NPI database to find doctors who accept Medicare or Medicaid. Knowing how to register an NPI number can help ease the registration process.


1 Before you start registering with an NPI, make sure you have information about your company or organization, including an organization or provider name, tax identification number or social security number, authorized gender, number, date of birth, country, state, sex provider, email address, practical location, license status information, contact person, phone number and email address.

2 Go to the National Provider Plan and the Enumeration System website to send your request. See the References section of this article for a link.

3 Read the terms and conditions in order to submit your request, including the privacy regulations, the requirements of the Privacy Act, and the penalties for falsifying information.

4 Click “Apply Online for a National Provider Identifier” and then go to the following web page. Go to “Begin application form.” Create a user ID, by entering your Social Security number and password, then entering your desired secret questions and answers.

5 Enter your basic information, including the reason for your forms submission, and the type of business, such as sole proprietorship or organization. Include your identifying information, such as the business owner’s name, old names, credentials, date of birth, gender, and Social Security number or tax identification number. Include your business mailing address, contact phone numbers, and places of business. Include all provider identification numbers that you have received from Medicare or Medicaid, as well as the license number and taxonomy codes. Make sure the request is submitted with the physician’s signature and the person’s contact information.

Tips and Warnings

  • The NPPES system works best in Firefox 2.0 or higher and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, as users have experienced problems with other browsers.
  • Once you have created a user ID and submitted the dossier, it will remain linked to the record and cannot be changed.