The Best Materials to Design Durable Custom Lotion Boxes

Speaking of the packaging boxes for lotions, the materials options are varied. However, as we know that lotions are delicate and sensitive items. For this, they need extreme protection to preserve their nature. Thus, as important to maintain the quality of your lotions, the packaging materials are also fundamental. In this post, we would discuss the best materials and some extras to design durable custom lotion boxes

Cardboard Is Excellent

Cardboard material would make excellent lotion packaging wholesale. This packaging material has been famous as it offers many advantages to brands. Most importantly, cardboard provides remarkable product safety. How?

Cardboard is the type of material with temperature safe dependent on some degree. This makes it work incredibly for delivery purposes. In addition, thanks to its sturdiness, lotion boxes made of cardboard would last longer. This load of features shows their steady quality. In this way, cardboard is durable for making your boxes enduring.

Kraft Is Classy

Eco-friendly kraft is getting popular these days. Apart from this, this material is the classiest amongst others. Kraft offers protection while also improving the vibes of your lotions inside. Kraft lotion packaging would additionally tackle down the temperature changes. This plus point gives your product packaging a long life.

Even better, you could expect the packaging to secure your sensitive lotions all through the shipping journey.

Consider Using Cardboard Inserts

Only a few brands know this one. Cardboard inserts are not only useful for placing and arranging multiple items inside one packaging. More than that, these inserts are perfect for the general strength of any product packaging.

In fact, we could say that it expands strength and durability up to 60%. Amazing numbers, right? To give extra protection and convenience for your wholesale lotion, these inserts are worth considering. Don’t forget the fact that they would give astounding durability.

Try Out Lamination

Considering how lamination could take part in making your custom lotion boxes packaging durable? Well! Imagine how lamination would cover your product packaging with the vinyl sheet. This sheet gives humidity protection from your packaging. Because of this, printing would last longer on a superficial level.

Far better, lamination would improve the visibility of your custom packaging. Thus, making your lotions would be more noticeable.

The Thickness Is Important

No big surprise why many famous brands use the cardboard sheet that has a decent thickness. The purpose for it is that it supports the durability of lotion packaging wholesale. The great thing is, you could arrange a thick and high-grade sheet for assembling the most impeccable packaging. In the end, not only would it improves your brand image. Better than that, it would additionally give your lotions a higher level of protection.

Go for Coating

Coating for packaging boxes is not a new thing at all. Applying coating such as matte or glossy would make your custom lotion boxes to be more durable. Costing would shield your boxes from external dangers. This could eventually build the existence of printing and improve the appearance of your boxes.