List Of Some Beautiful Flowers That Will Blow Your Mind

Flowers are a symbol of beauty and love, so they have been used in many cultures. In some cultures, flowers represent fertility, as well as the blood spilt during battle. In other cultures, flowers provide an escape from those who would do them harm or those who have done them wrong. Flowers also symbolize the passage of time and how it’s never too late to change your life for the better. No matter what culture you come from, flowers represent something beautiful that everyone can enjoy! 

Are you looking for a way to decorate your garden or yard? Check out these seven beautiful flowers with interesting names.

Flamingo Flower 

This bright, yellow flower with red streaks is called a Flamingo Flower because it’s often found growing near the pinkish-white birds of the same name. These plants prefer full sun and are native to South Africa. They grow from six inches to two feet tall and have dark green leaves with serrated edges. One variety has been used as a herbal remedy for stomach problems. You can order flowers online.

The most well-known example is Akelei which means “Unprotected Child”, it’s represented by its flawlessness and boundless beauty; the essence of innocence; naivete, charm; yet its thorns make it dangerous.

Century Plant 

The Century Plant has one of the most interesting names for a flower because it’s only in bloom once every hundred years! These plants are native to Mexico and can grow up to 20 feet tall, and they have spiky, grey-green leaves that can reach 12 inches long.

The plant with this name is “Agave americana”. It represents determination towards difficult endeavours/challenges/goals through hard work -even if they take longer than expected- patience, and resilience; withstanding whatever comes your way while being gentle or humble at heart.

Ivy Leaved Cyclamen 

This is unusual, as the shade! Cyclamen plants have been used as herbal remedies for headaches, asthma and toothaches. These flowers are native to Europe and western Asia, and they’re very fragrant and bloom in the fall.

This flower is connected to délicatesse and delicacy; gracefulness, the delicacy of form and movement; fragility and graceful, agile strength.


This bright yellow flower is called a tassel flower because its petals look sewn together by hand! These flowers grow best in cool climates that have wet winters and hot summers. 

Each blossom only lasts one day, but it can grow up to 18 inches tall with green leaves at the base. The plant with this name is “Genista tinctoria”. It represents the time needed to explore one’s abilities and possibilities fully, giving them wings, thus making anything possible.


This beautiful flower gets its name from a German botanist named Leonhart Fuchs. These flowers are native to South America, Central America, Mexico, Chile and Peru. They have red stems with long green leaves. The blooms are fragrant and come in vibrant colours, including pink, purple, orange, blue or white. 

Some varieties even change colour as they age, so their petals will become more reddish! You might get these in Mumbai. And flower delivery in Mumbai is available all the time.

The plant with this name is “Fuchsia magellanica”. It represents creativity, adventure, curiosity, never fearing to take chances when the reward is fulfilled.

Bishop’s Hat 

This flower has one of the most distinctive flowers because it looks like a bishop’s hat! These plants are grown in Japan and Taiwan, and they have dark green leaves that grow in bunches. They only bloom once every two years, but they can grow up to six feet tall with white blooms that look like little stars.

The plant with this name is “Aristolochia Fimbriata”. It represents letting go of restricting beliefs; or any inhibiting behaviours (such as guilt); accepting your own power/potential- thus allowing yourself to display your essence & beauty freely. You try to get in Noida, and flower delivery in Noida is accessible to many nowadays.


Hydrangea is a compound word from two Greek words: “hydro” and “ageing”, which means water and container. That makes sense because these flowers look like little vases! Every bloom has five petals that grow together in the shape of a cup. They come in many different colours, including pink, red, purple and white. These plants are native to Asia and North America.

The plant with this name is “Hydrangea macrophylla”. It represents loving yourself at all times, allowing yourself to heal, growing into someone who loves unconditionally- just as you are, and nothing more or less than that.

If you’re looking for a gift to give your loved one but don’t know what they like or want- we recommend giving them flowers! They come in all different shapes and sizes with many colours, and you can find something that suits their personality and taste preferences. 

We hope the article helped you learn more about these beautiful plants and their meanings so when it’s time to buy some flowers, you have an idea of which ones are perfect. Stay tuned for our next blog post on gardening tips!