How to Become an NLP Certified Practitioner

In the 1970s, Dr. Richard Bandler explained the way the brain responds to inputs and defined NLP as “a model of interpersonal communication concerned primarily with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences (especially thought patterns) that underlie them.” In other words, NLP affects brain behavior by using language and other types of communication to understand the brain’s response to inputs. Dr. Richard claimed NLP is an effective method for treating people who have been deprived of control over the actions performed by their bodies in certain illnesses.

The NLP program helps in overcoming certain subconscious habits that take control of people without giving them enough time to realize their actions. Companies have implemented Online NLP Training in Dubai programs for their employees as it leads to greater emotional balance and thus better productivity. Here’s a look at the different options available.

Online NLP Training in Dubai

NLP Life Coach Training:

NLP life coach training includes classroom training and online sessions. It would be wise to choose an academy that offers both types of training, as this would help the participant choose the training that best suits their needs. The NLP training offered by an academy must teach the participants important skills such as communication, coaching skills and the art of using the right language. Most importantly, participants must be taught how to apply NLP training in their profession.

Who can apply for the program?

There are no restrictions for people who want to take NLP Life Coach training. It is open to all individuals who want to take up coaching as a profession. Professionals in human resources, sales and marketing, education, corporate managers, executives, coaches and teachers usually opt for these programs. After mastering the various NLP techniques that help one become a coach/practitioner, this is used to train/coach others.

NLP Coach/Practitioner

The next level a person can take in the NLP program is to become a certified NLP Practitioner. These NLP Practitioner programs are designed to equip participants with basic NLP skills and advanced coaching skills to effectively bring about change using coaching tools and techniques. NLP training should also help participants improve their own communication skills and understand the speech patterns of others.

Below are some skills that the academy should offer in an NLP coaching training:

NLP Communication Model
NLP skill for building rapport
NLP skill for goal setting
Coaching with NLP skills, tools and techniques.
NLP prerequisites
DILTS model – logical levels of change
NLP Framework for Coaching
NLP Meta-programming
Circle of Excellence
Working with self-limiting beliefs and values
Sensory acuity and calibration
Persuasive language
Representative systems
NLP Coaching Tools and Techniques

NLP Practitioner Certification Training

Although different academies offer different certifications, it would be helpful to choose an academy that is accredited by the ICF. Individuals who wish to participate in a program must ensure that they enroll in a program offered by an academy that has the appropriate infrastructure, training aids, resources, tools, and qualified instructors. In addition to accreditation with the gold standard ICF or other bodies, it is important that an academy has the right resources to provide professional training.