How Do I Get Rid of Norway Rats?

What You Can Do
Read the following tips for keeping Norway rat infestations at bay:

  • Seal Containers: Garbage cans should have a secure lid and be emptied on a regular basis. Food, including bird seed and pet food, should be kept in sealed containers.
  • Block Entryways: Windows and doors should not be left open, particularly overnight when rodents are most active. Any gaps around doors, windows, or chimneys should be closed. Dryer vents should have screen covers, and tree branches touching the home should be trimmed.
  • Reduce Food Sources: Clean up fallen bird seed from the base of bird feeders. Make sure pet food is out of reach from Norway rats. Remove all pet feces in your yard.
  • Reduce Water Sources: Homeowners should fix plumbing leaks, remove outdoor containers retaining water, and ensure spigots and sprinklers are not dripping.
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