4 Tips to Wear a Bikini Top as An Outfit

Bikinis are always in fashion. Who doesn’t want to look hot along with being stylish? Women leave their bikinis stocked up in their wardrobes unattended because of weather changes or party plans. Now you do not have to wait for a vacation or the right weather to wear it. It is time to style it out with cheeky bottoms, skirts, jackets, or whatever you like to wear with it. We have jotted down some of the trendiest looks.

Cheeky Tips You Need to Follow

In any season, swimwear searches spike at the beginning of summer. Your bathing suit collection is probably gathering dust since there were no long weekends away this year. In addition, swimwear is a category whose cost per wear is relatively high due to its hyper-seasonality, which means you may be ready to dig out a lawn chair on your driveway to wear your bikini. String bikinis make great shirts and makeshift bras; full-coverage options offer the most versatility. Hence, you need to be functional and creative, as the beautiful model and actress Mila Santos do with her bikini looks.

Look 1 – Ruffle Bikini Top

Wear a layered bikini top with a subtly ruffled skirt to emphasize the frills. You can wear a denim jacket on top of it if you want more coverage. The ruffle bikini top can symbolize sexiness and get all eyes on you. Meanwhile, other accessories can add an extra zing to the outfit. 

Look 2 – Low-Cut One-Piece Bikini

Combine a low-cut one-piece with high-waisted Bermuda shorts. Low-cut bikinis are the height of hotness and the best way to show off your cleavage. High-waisted shorts add a super casual look that you can pair with chains and a criss-cross bag to add more details to the outfit. 

Look 3 – Single Strap Swimsuit

The bold minimalist swimsuit, tearaway pants, and slip-on sneakers put a sporty spin on a classic one-piece. Sporty looks like this are best worn among friends. Try out single-strap swimsuits for a great look that gives extra style to your fashion sense.

Look 4 – Halter One Piece Swimsuit

Make a statement this season by styling your favorite halter one-piece swimsuit with a low-cut neckline. For a sexy and sporty look, wear it with a checked tennis skirt or shorts and white sneakers. Adding earrings and a small side bag will add even more zing to the outfit.

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