Medicine: The Ultimate Resource

Medicine has been around for a long time. Even in the time of Hippocrates, healing was important and respected by society. At that point, medicine was not very advanced and doctors did not have the means to really help people who were sick or injured. They had no idea how to cure diseases or injuries, but instead they used herbs and other plants to help with pain relief or infection control. However, at that point in history it could be considered unethical because if someone died from using herbs they would have just wasted their money on something useless because there was nothing else available at that time anyway.

The origin of modern medicine can be traced back to ancient Greece where Aristotle discovered how arteries carry blood before anyone else had ever thought about it! After this discovery he became well known as a great philosopher as well as a doctor! Later on during the Renaissance period there were many scientific discoveries being made but none more important than the microscope invented by Anton Van Leeuwenhoek which allowed scientists to actually see what they were doing for once! After this technology came along people started making better medicines with active ingredients instead of herbs if you’ve ever wondered why all pharmaceuticals are synthesized today then now you know! I’ll talk more about this later though. I am not sure what alternative medicine is, but from what I have heard about it, it sounds like a bunch of nonsense.

The Greeks also came up with the idea of the “four humors” which is an idea that has been around for a while and was even used by Hippocrates! This is when they defined four different types of blood: yellow bile, black bile (a.k.a. phlegm), blood, and blood mixed with black bile which was the balance of them all. They believed that if you were too cold or too hot then your humors would be out of balance and that could lead to disease! It is said that these are the origins of our modern day allergy medicines. Modern medicine is very different from ancient Greek medicine because it is very advanced now, but if you’ve ever wondered about where some of our modern medicines came from, then you should know it started way back in ancient Greece.

After this there were many advancements made in medical treatment during the Renaissance period when more people were admitted into hospitals for care because they did not have anywhere else to go. Hospitals became places for patients to get food and rest instead of being left on the streets without any help at all! This time period also saw great advances in surgery with improved anesthesia for pain relief during operations with ether or chloroform depending on where you lived! The French also invented rubber gloves when they noticed how fast surgeons got infections when operating without any protection on their hands! I can’t believe how much things have changed since then when surgeons didn’t even need decent sanitation before cutting someone open! There was also an improvement made in glasses called spectacles which allowed many people who needed them to see things better than before so they weren’t so dependent on others anymore either.

There were many advancements made in the field of medicine during the Industrial Revolution as well because more people started moving to urban areas to live near factories and other job opportunities. This caused cities to become very crowded so people needed doctors nearby. These doctors had to be able to perform emergency surgeries which meant they needed their own tools or else they would not be prepared for anything! This is how the first ambulance service was created! It was invented by Dr. John Long in 1884 when he created a horse drawn wagon with surgical equipment inside it that could be pulled behind horses like a carriage but faster than one! The horse drawn Ambulance Service was born and it is still used today although now it is called an ambulance instead of an emergency carriage because the carriages are no longer used anymore, however, you can still see them running all over Europe sometimes.

During this time period also came about ways of caring for mentally ill patients who would otherwise have been placed in jail or killed by their families if they weren’t taken care of properly. The first ever psychiatric hospital that took patients off the streets was built by Dr. Philippe Pinel where he studied mental illness and tried various treatments until he finally found something that worked well enough for his patients not to run away from their hospital again! With this new way of treating mental illnesses, insane asylums became much more commonplace throughout Europe instead of being just one or two towns trying out these new methods at a time.

I’ve tried to cover a lot in this post but I know that there is a lot more to talk about when it comes to medicine. There are many questions that I have been asked by my family and friends when it comes to medicine, but they never seem satisfied with my answers after they ask me questions. If you’ve ever wondered how the flu vaccine works then you should read up on that! It’s actually pretty simple and I’ve explained it before in several other posts, but if you didn’t understand how the flu shot works then now is your chance!

I hope this piece has helped someone out there who was looking for a well researched essay on how modern day medicine came about. If anyone ever has any questions about anything related to medicine or health care, please feel free to reach out and ask me because I love talking about this stuff even though some of the topics might be controversial or difficult at times. It makes writing personal essays easier because people can relate better since we all have our own experiences with health care one way or another!