Tips for Preparing a Used Car for Car Selling Process

Selling a used car requires some preparation from the car seller to ensure that the vehicle gets sold at the best price. This can be achieved only if car seller is aware of some vital preparation before they even initiate the process. This means that they need to check the vehicle and make necessary adjustments to the vehicle so that it can sell better. Moreover, it will add ease to the car selling process for the car seller.

The following tips can be followed by car seller to prepare their vehicles before they sell them.

Checking the Physical Condition of the Vehicle

Every vehicle depreciates physically with usage therefore, car owner must undertake regular maintenance to get ultimate performance from the vehicle and increase its lifespan.  A well-maintained vehicle also gets a better resale value in the used car market. So, when a car seller decides to sell their used car, they should check the physical condition of the vehicle.

Instead of inspecting the vehicle themselves, it is better to hire a mechanic to speed up the process and get a comprehensive evaluation. A mechanic will also help car seller determine which repairs and maintenance work is necessary and which can be ignored. Any fixtures that will cost more than the residual value of the vehicle are not worth spending over. The expense will not be covered by the resale price and car seller will end with a loss.

Minor damages such as dents, scratches, and chipped paint can be fixed to improve the outlook of the vehicle. The car seats and covers should be checked inside the cabin along with floor mats. The tyres of the car are essential so a careful inspection of the wheels should be undertaken. If the wheels are worn out, it is best to replace them with a new set. Other than this, check the tyre pressure and make sure they are not over or under inflated.

Checking the Mechanical Condition of the Vehicle

Although the physical condition is the first thing that any buyer will notice, they will also be focusing on the mechanical condition of the vehicle. The mechanics determine the performance of the vehicle so buyers will not make any compromise. A problem with any mechanical component also leads to expensive fixtures which will discourage many car buyers. Therefore, the car should be maintained regularly. Before meeting the buyer, check the components under the hood including the engine, wiring, battery, radiator, and fluids. Make sure all components are working and see if any need maintenance or improvement.

Take the vehicle for a test drive to gauge the responsiveness of the steering wheel, transmission, brakes, and tyres. Alignment issues can also be detected during the drive as well by noticing if the vehicle is being pulled towards one side. The required repairs should be undertaken as the potential buyer will be taking the vehicle for a test drive as well.

Remove Car Modifications

If the vehicle has any modifications try to remove them and restore the car to its original condition. The reason is that not every car buyer is interested in a car that has been modified. Modifications often require removing original parts and they also make them vulnerable to damage. Moreover, some car modifications cancel the insurance of the vehicle. So, such modifications can be detrimental for the car buyer. It is best to revert the vehicle to its default parts once the car seller decides to sell their used car to avoid any inconvenience.

Wash the Vehicle

Part of the preparation process also includes the vehicle being thoroughly washed before it is shown to the buyer. A clean vehicle will give car buyers a good impression and they will be more interested in exploring it. When washing the vehicle, some kept factors need to be kept in mind. The first is the temperature of the vehicle. If the exterior is hot, move the car to a shaded area and wait for it to cool down. This will ensure that the vehicle is not left with any water spots after the wash.

The car cleaners should be free of chemicals that can damage the surface of the vehicle. Such chemicals include chlorine, bleach, and ammonia. The in-cabin amenities especially the touchscreens should be cleaned carefully as well. It is better to spray the cleaner on an electrostatic cloth and then use it to wipe the screen to protect the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating.

The cleaning tools used for the car’s body and wheel should be kept separate to avoid any damage. It is also better to clean the wheels first and then move on to the rest of the car. Once the car wash is complete, use car wax to give the exterior a nice shine. The exterior is exposed to the UV rays of the sun that can cause the paint to fade. The car wax doubles as a protector for the paint.

Check the Paperwork

The paperwork is required by every car buyer as they need to make sure that the car seller is the legal owner of the vehicle, and they are not being involved in any illegal activity. They also need the service history of the vehicle to check the repair and maintenance efforts over the year. If any original part of the vehicle has been replaced, it will also be mentioned in the car’s service history. This gives valuable insights to the car buyer and further encourages them to make the purchase. Therefore, car seller should make sure that the paperwork is up to date and there are no discrepancies that may make the car buyer doubtful.


Selling an old car is not an easy task but some best practices can make the process easier for the car seller. The tips that are mentioned above will help car seller prepare the vehicle before they meet a potential buyer and ensure that there are no delays in the process. Preparedness will help car seller undertake a hassle-free car selling process that will conclude with a fair price.