Understanding English Speaking Difficulties: An Investigation

English is an international language that holds much importance, being the most demanded language of the world. The students need a proper understanding and fluent conversational skills in the English language to survive and move around the globe. All one needs Is the best English speaking course online to practice.

The language also holds its importance as a subject for the people in regions where their native languages are different. And so, for a better way of sharing their views and communicating, English is a preferable language. Students in almost all the countries are compelled to study and learn the language, which will benefit them for having an education abroad their own countries.

The students usually learn the language in their complete academic life, but many face issues in conversing fluently in the English language. However, there may be several issues behind this problem faced by the students.

The Major Problems:

Grammatical Mistakes:

Most of the students commonly face the central issue of grammatical mistakes while speaking the language. The errors are made most commonly in tenses or voice, along with the vocabulary. Learning English grammar is challenging, especially without a good base or foundation of grammar courses from a very tender age.

 Lack Of Confidence:

Having confidence issues is another prominent reason behind the inability to speak the language fluently. Students are generally not confident about their conversational skills and prohibit themselves from speaking out in public. This may happen due to a lack of encouragement by their teachers or parents to speak English in front of others. English speaking online tutor free can encourage the students to speak up in English in front of the class, which will help them build their self-confidence. And even they make mistakes in this process; they can correct them gently.


Students also tend to feel shy while speaking out in the English language. Due to this, they find themselves unable to speak out about what they want to convey and suffer from a lack of confidence. In this case, the best English teacher online in India can also help them by motivating them to speak out their thoughts in front of the classroom, thus curbing their shyness.

Fear Of Making Mistakes:

The students face fear about making mistakes while speaking out and this thought continuously keeps haunting them while speaking in the English language. They fear the criticisms or of being ashamed in front of others for their mistakes while speaking. But it is a normal thing to make mistakes and learn from them. Thus, these are some of the most common issues which lead the students to face problems while speaking English even after years of education in the language. The best English teacher on YouTube in India can play a significant role in solving this problem of the students through correct motivation and guidance.

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