How E-commerce Marketers Can Boost the Sales of Difficult to Sell Items

When building an e-commerce store, you may think about selling products like clothing, books, electronics, or even cars. But have you considered selling advertisements? Selling ad space might be an excellent way for e-commerce businesses to generate revenue. Unfortunately, however, most online retailers aren’t doing it. 

You can attractively design your custom CBD packaging to improve sales. Ad space is surprising, considering the benefits such a practice could bring. In addition, your sales will likely increase as your product catalog grows and your inventory becomes more diverse.


Pre-roll ads are a great way to make money from your e-commerce store.

You don’t need a lot of followers or traffic to make money with pre-roll ads. All you need is an email list and the right audience for your store. With pre-roll ads, you can measure how effective your ad placement is by looking at the time people spend on their screens while they look at it. One recent study showed that advertisers saw up to 54% improvement in performance based on watch time. Watch time refers to the length of time people spend on a loaded or ‘browsing’ page.

To help your company with its online advertising, you need to keep people on the site. The longer they stay on your website, the better chance you will have of them buying something from it.

Yahoo! reports that most people spend 44 minutes on average looking at different websites. But only 5% of those people read web content from a site for more than an hour. If your site doesn’t feature enough unique content for these users to engage with, you may have a problem. Pre-roll ads are an effective way to put your storefront and center for your users. It’s now easier than ever to insert an ad—even promoting products—on your website, and this is what users want. The only drawback is some shortcomings, such as a pre-roll “peek” or a black-out period when the user controls the ad. Instacart’s Pre-roll allows users to skip all those traffic-launching steps by showing them an ad with their homepage feed at the top. This decreases clicks and eliminates the need to run over your product catalog page to get to your products.

What are lead magnets, and what makes them so great for your e-commerce business?

A lead magnet is a gift for people who give you their email addresses. Some examples are coupons, guides to your products, or free gifts. These are also called discounts because they are an incentive to talk to you. You can use lead magnets to attract new customers to your business through email marketing. People want lead magnets because it is an incentive for them to negotiate with you about negotiating with you about something else that has happened before. People will be more likely to write and call you in the future because you have an established relationship with them. Positioning Authority People are cleaving to brands, seeking information on them online or reading about them on social media. Whether you choose to sell affiliate or lead-gen services is irrelevant if your competitors also sell these.

Before you decide to sell these products, make sure you check whether your competitors also offer them. If this is the case, it will be easier for your company to make money if you go the lead-gen route instead. If you consider selling lead gen services rather than products, you can offer different forms of lead gen. Marketplace Lead, gen marketplace services, allow you to sell leads or coupons to people looking for products. For example, you could sell opt-in form emails to those looking for categorized items like clothes or books. You could let people opt-in to emails about products they may need or sell lead gen badges or pens. You could also enable users to collect products by connecting your store with member sites like Amazon and eBay and gift card merchants like Gazelle.

What are pre-roll ads, and why would you ever want to sell them?

Pre-roll ads are the ads that play before a video on YouTube. If you’re a YouTuber, you can choose to monetize your channel by running pre-roll ads on your videos. The way this works is that when a person watches your video, they’ll see an ad from a brand before your video begins to play. There’s no interaction required from the viewer. Then, if you’re purchasing those ads, you’ll see how much money you’re making for each sale per video that you run. There’s a freemium model for Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Facebook and Google Ads differ in that both require someone to sign up with the platform. With Facebook Ads, someone needs to choose to run an ad.

A freemium model means that once someone signs up, they can continue to pay the provider for as long as they want. This is a crucial difference since an e-commerce store could use freemium to sell advertising. This tactic would likely have a larger market since people will probably want to purchase ads on an e-commerce website. On the flip side, some people might shy away from paying for an e-commerce website because of the difficulty or cost of setting up a store. In this case, they could look online for another platform, such as Magento, designed for e-commerce websites. Depending on your business model, this distinction might be minor or significant. It’s important to keep an open mind as you think about how to increase revenue.


There are pros and cons associated with any ad service (Google Ads and Facebook Ads). But, both have some definite benefits for any e-commerce business. Let’s take a closer look at those benefits and explore some more options for e-commerce businesses to sell advertising instead of creating the content on their own. Benefit Number One: Profitability You’ve decided you want to run advertising on your e-commerce website. You’ve also decided you’re going to charge for it.


E-commerce businesses can benefit from selling these products as they appeal to a large audience that is likely to spend money on the products you’re selling as well. For example, if you created an ebook about making money from blogging, your blog readers might be interested in buying it. The same goes with tincture boxes, you can print any advertisement in a unique style on them. If you need anything regarding packaging you can visit mentioned link.