10 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Trying to increase Facebook engagement but don’t see any progress? Well, we understand you. With the changes in Facebook algorithm engagement customers isn’t that simple anymore. Posting and getting likes and comments aren’t enough to get customers attention. It requires a lot more than that now. To capture audience attention, you need to either get more creative and create engaging content yourself or hire a social media marketing agency.

Facebook engagement is important because it gets you organic views. First, it improves News Feed placement based on the Facebook algorithm. And second, it makes your posts visible to the audience’s connections. Each like or share can extend reach to at least five or six new people which is a great additional exposure without acquiring any social media marketing services.

The good news is beating the new Facebook algorithm isn’t that hard. Stick till the end because we have gathered some of the best ways for you to increase Facebook engagement and get high exposure.

  1. Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

If you want customers to take interest in your content and interact with your page then you should be creative and come up with interesting content ideas and thought-provoking questions that would make customers think and respond.

Ask questions about the new trends or events in the industry. This builds intimate customer relationships and gives valuable insight into what matters the most to them.

  1. Tap into Perfect Post Time

The best way to increase customer engagement is to stop posting at random times and instead look at Facebook engagement charts to analyse past post engagement time. Analysing Facebook engagement charts will tell you what your post calendar should look like and allow you to post when your users are active. Posting when customers are online increases customer engagement. This analysis can also be performed by a social media marketing agency. 

  1. Define and Understand Your Audience

You need to get to know your customers to understand their wants and needs. Facebook Page Insights gives very useful information about your target audience. Take your time and analyse this information to search for minor details to know your customers better and hence create a more meaningful connection with them.

  1. Focus on Fan-centric Content

When creating content, make sure it doesn’t just revolve around your brand or product. There’s only so much you can tell about your brand or product if you do it repetitively then it becomes boring and customers lose interest. So try to make interesting and new relevant content that interests your customers. You can ask yourself the following questions to come up with fresh content ideas for your Facebook page

  • Are there any relevant events to talk about?
  • Any interesting facts or stat related to your customers?
  • Have you shared funny content to entertain your customers?

These are some helpful questions that will help you in creating new and engaging content or you can also avail social media marketing services to create engaging content for you. 

  1. Upload Video Content

Video receives the most attention not only on Facebook but on every social media channel. Videos can be in the form of Q&A sessions, product demos or animation. Facebook itself encourages brands to share as many videos as they can to increase customers’ interaction with a brand. If you want to upload highly engaging content then you can approach a social media marketing agency for their social media marketing services.

  1. Make Use of Visual Content

Sharing visual content has proven to be very powerful in engaging customers. Take every opportunity to attract customers and increase engagement by uploading appealing and eye-catching images.

Whether it’s a tip or a piece of information from your recent blog, add that text with a beautiful graphic and fans will most likely be drawn to it and end up engaging with it by liking or leaving a comment.

  1. Respond to Fans

Make sure you respond to each comment or query that your customers may have. Customers who comment or messages expect you to reply on time. If you can’t manage it on your own then make sure you have a team in place to reply to comments and messages.

  1. Couple your posts with a CTA

Including a CTA in your post persuades customers to take action. It’s a fair game to increase customer engagement and get your content exposed to a large audience.

  1. Analyze your Most Popular Post

Take a look at the posts that have the highest number of likes or views. This gives you an idea about what type of content your customers engage with and gives you a chance to recreate similar kinds of posts to increase engagement.

  1. Create Valuable Content

While many people focus on creating more and more content, here’s an advice, focus on creating high-quality relevant content.  Yes, high-quality content is very important because it shows customers that your brand is trustworthy and reliable. Moreover, customers can actually benefit from high-quality content.

Quality doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive. Facebook suggests simple posts with a consistent colour scheme and recognizable images.

Creating engaging Facebook content is a full-time job and it can be tiring for one person to create all the content that’s why we recommend getting social media marketing agency to manage your Facebook content and get better results.