10 Unconventional Ways to Decorate a Rug

We all get bored of the same home decor and same interior ideas. This time try something new and unconventional. Let’s start with rug decorating. Rug placement is the process of adding color, pattern, and texture to any room. They are a defining element of any room, but it can be hard to come up with new ways to decorate them once you have exhausted all the possibilities, as Rugs are a great way to add color and texture to any room. There are many ways you can use them in a new and creative style. This blog post will give you some unique rug decorating ideas that will make your home stand out from the rest! 

Hang a Rug

walls catch all the attention in a room. a Differently decorated wall will make your home stand out. This time ditch the old-school paint and try a new thing. Go for a large tribal pattern colorful rug and hang it on your wall. If you want to re-do the walls in an older home, consider hanging a rug to cover up some stains or scratches that might be there instead of repainting. Not only does this look cool, but it is also cost-effective and will give your room new life too! Hang a few best oriental rugs or simply a large rug over your bed and get it at discount price by using CouponGot coupons at checkout of any online rug store.

Rug as table Cover

Do not use an actual rug for this but rather put one of the smaller rugs on top of your coffee table to spruce it up and give it some character. A lovely large cable knit colorful hand-knotted Persian area rug will do just fine, even if you use a glass table. It is very practical and cool, too, since you can quickly shake out any crumbs or dust that might accumulate on the rug to make cleaning easy and quick. You can also cover your side tables or the dining table with rugs to give your room a fun and unique look.

Rug as Wall-Art

Ditch the same art and painting on the wall. Hang a rug as art or make a wall hanging out of a rug. This is a great idea for some space that needs some serious sprucing up or even if you need to decorate quickly and on budget. Use a rug as a wall-art, and it can transform any room. This is also a great idea if you want to add some color and pattern to your room. Hanging rugs and runners are new and unique room decor ideas that will give your room an artistic and charming look in no time.

Rug as Headboard

Just like the hanging, you can use rugs to make creative headboard designs for your bed that will impress everyone who comes to visit. It may take your time and effort, but in the end, it is worth every minute of hard work! Just imagine waking up to a colorful pattern. Who says your bed has to be boring? Place a colorful area rug behind the headboard with either one side flat against the wall or folded over, so it looks like you have a folded headboard.

Rug as Coffee Table Decoration

Another thing usually forgotten about area rug design is using it for your coffee table decor ideas. Even if you don’t own an actual coffee table, who says you can’t make one? Just use some old crates or boxes and place them on top of your area rug. You can add a tray on top and then use it as an actual coffee table, or just put some items on the crates and place them in front of the TV to create a rustic looking living room decoration .,

Add Different Sizes Rugs

The first thing that people look at is the floor, and if it’s not properly decorated, your room feels empty. So why leave a boring beige carpet on your floor when you can add different sizes of rugs to give it an eclectic feel? You have got plenty of options here! Go for a shag, cowhide, or any other rug that you feel like. You can even go for patterned rugs like ikat or Baluchi rugs if your home decor style is more on the funky side. A few layers of the same or different patterned rugs can be used to give your floor an ethnic feel.

Rug as Throw

Spice up your simple beige sofa or white bedding with a vibrant oriental rug. You can even put a few rugs together for an artistic effect. If you don’t want to use the same patterned rug, try using a tribal knotted or striped one instead. Use a flatweave rug as a throw and place it on your sofa or use it as an accent and place it under the side table.

Rug as Cushion Cover

Re-use your old vibrant shade rugs and make them into cushion covers. You can sew them together and place them on your bed or sofa to give a whole new look for the furniture. Or Turn your rug into a curtain material by sewing two pieces of rugs together with their backsides facing each other, leaving an opening at one side so that you can insert a rod. You can use the rugs as the cover of your throw pillows and floor cushions. You can also try sewing two of your rugs together, one bigger than the other.

Rug as Window Treatment

If you don’t want to turn an old vibrant shade rug into cushion covers or curtains, then use it for window treatment, like bringing home a new look and feel to your house. Place them near your windows with rods on both sides, and you can either close or open them as per your requirement. If there is a small space between the door and the wall, then instead of hanging curtains over it, fix two old rugs by stacking one on top of another to overlap at the corner.

Rugs in the Patio

Your outdoors is no exemption when it comes to buying rugs. Who says you cannot add a touch of luxury and warmth to your garden? You can either place them near the outer edge or lay them over the grass to protect them from being stepped on by people walking around. You can also place them near the pool to make the deck area colorful and lively. A square rug with floor cushions is also a perfect sitting spot in your garden for an afternoon tea with friends. What about the verandah? You can either decorate it or use them to sit on when you are enjoying alfresco dining in your outdoor area. Rugs are also perfect for picnics and camping trips, especially if they have soft but durable fabric which will protect from dampness outside.

Wrapping Up

It’s not just about where to put rugs in your home. When you buy a rug, it should be the right size for each room and color-coordinated with other design elements like furniture or artwork. However, plenty of places may not come to mind immediately when considering what rooms need rugs. If not, don’t worry! You can always contact us at RugKnots to see the selection of rugs in the store and find out more about how our services work. Let’s try something new together!