10 Top Most Amazing Facts About Packaging Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes is now leading the packaging industry from the front. There are hardly any brands that are not using customization strategies to market their goods. So, we all know that custom packaging holds amazing benefits for branding and marketing. Here we are going to tell you about most amazing facts about this packaging. 

The Past of Custom Packaging

The idea of customization for packaging boxes is now new. In fact, it is quite older than we think. Cardboard which is one of the major components of custom packaging is discovered in 1856. Cardboard Packaging is using as shipping boxes for more than a century now. Some reports suggest that cardboard is using as a shipping box since 1903. That’s making a century for Custom Packaging now. 

First Seven Seconds of the Impression

Researchers have revealed that the first seven seconds of packaging are the most important seconds from the customer’s point of view. In the first seven seconds, a customer makes his mind about buying a product. So, Custom Packaging Boxes are designed in such a way that they captivate the attention of consumers within the first seven seconds of their look. For this purpose, special graphic effects and colors are using to play with the customer’s mind. GCustomBoxes is quite professional and expert in this regard.

custom cardboard packaging

Custom Packaging for Consumer’s Point of View

For branding, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to your product’s packaging. Analysts observe that customers take packaging as seriously as they take the products. So, along with the quality of products, the quality of packaging matters equally important. Custom Box Packaging makes it easier for brands to please their customers.  

Most Familiar Branding in the World

Customization has made some of the brands extremely popular. One of the prominent examples here is Coca-cola. Their branding through custom packaging has made them one of the top beverage brands in the world. More than 94% of the world’s population knows the red color branding of coca-cola. So, Custom Packaging Boxes makes your product widely famous and recognizable. 

Custom Packaging Increases Revenue

Some authentic reports suggest that those brands which are paying attention to their packaging are earning more. A study also reveals that Custom Boxes increases the business revenue up to 30%. People show more interest for customize the packaging of their favorite goods. Besides this, it gives customers the confidence to get their products just like they want.

custom cardboard packaging

Free Delivery Attracts More Clientele 

The packaging companies that give free shipping to their customers earn more. GCustomBoxes is also one of those companies which are offering totally free shipping at customers’ doorsteps. In general, people love to spend more money on shopping from the brand which is offering free shipping to its customers. 30% of the boost in shopping is experiential due to free delivery services. 

Effect of Custom Packaging On Online Shopping

Custom Packaging Boxes imperatively affects online shopping. People are more likely to buy again from those brands whose packaging looks awesome. Some reports say that almost 52% of the people love to buy again from those brands which are using customize packaging. So, the online shopping experience will become memorable for customers if you offer them amazing packaging to customize. 

Cardboard Packaging Importance

Cardboard is the major utilizing packaging stuff using in the world. A rough estimate suggests that 90% of the shipping in the US is carrying through Custom Cardboard Packaging solely. Due to the durability and eco-friendly properties of cardboard, it proves a great shipping material all over the world. In North America, you can find 1500 box plants of corrugated cardboard alone. So, this massive popularity makes cardboard stock the favorite for customized packaging for all brands.

custom cardboard packaging

Custom Packaging’s Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience should be imperative if you want to make your name in your field. When a customer orders something online, he or she expects the unboxing experience of their goods memorable and amazing. Custom Packaging helps a lot in creating an amazing unboxing experience. If you want an example, then take a look at iPhone unboxing videos. You will get your answer. 

Custom Printing Returns Your Customers Back to You

For Customize Packaging, custom printing holds the most amazing benefits to offer. Through exclusive printings, you can make your packaging look unique and creative. With professional printing services, GCustomBoxes creates an unimaginable experience of packaging. You can contact us for customized printing services. Our printing will make your customers back to you. Printing makes the first impression of a product everlasting. So, try to seek expert services if you are about to design your custom packaging.

Custom Boxes Packaging is making the branding of various goods easier than before. It boosts the product’s visibility and creates a great packaging experience for people too. Take your customer’s faithfulness back to you with customization.

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