Posted May 15, 2014 by David Wall in Game News

Watch Dogs Resolution Problems

watch-dogs-article imageOn Tuesday, May 13, Ubisoft confirmed that their new flagship franchise, Watch Dogs, was going to be released in 900P on the PS4 and 792P on the Xbox One, both with a 30 fps frame rate. Translation: Watch Dogs won’t be in full HD on either of the next-gen consoles. To many this will come as stunning news considering what was promised of Watch Dogs. Ubisoft claimed Watch Dogs would embody the definitive next-gen experience, but many are finding it hard to believe considering the new game won’t be taking full advantage of the next-gen HD capabilities. Still, Creative Chief Jonathan Morin claims Watch Dogs will deliver “an amazing next-gen experience” regardless of resolution and frame rate.

Instead, Morin claims that the development team focused on dynamism and game expression. He believes that resolution and frame rate are just numbers, whereas global effects, open environments, and random dynamic game elements are more important to the next-gen experience. “That’s important.” Morin says, “Resolution has nothing to do with that. That’s why stuff like resolution can scale a bit down so that we never compromise the soul of Watch Dogs.”

Ubisoft hopes that Watch Dogs will become a major gaming franchise alongside their already immensely successful series, Assassin’s Creed. It’s hard to say whether or not sacrificing resolution and frame rate for expanded gameplay will help them achieve this, but if Watch Dogs is as good as it looks Ubisoft may well have struck gold again.

Let us know what you think: are you disappointed by the low resolution offered in Watch Dogs or do you think the improved gameplay will pay off? Let us know in the comments below.

David Wall

David Wall