Posted June 14, 2014 by Michelle "Sang Frais" Simon in Entertainment

Nintendo Doesn’t Think Streaming Is Fun




This week at E3, Polygon asked the President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, whether Twitch was coming to the Wii U and his response was “We don’t think streaming 30 minutes of gameplay by itself is a lot of fun”.

Reggie does think that putting Nintendo videos on the internet can result in fun content, but it needs to be more focused, curated. Take Mario Kart 8 for example. You can create a highlight reel from replays of your races and upload it directly to YouTube. Nintendo see’s this as a more fun experience then watching a random person play 30 minutes or so of one of their titles on Twitch. Personally, I can see where Reggie is coming from with wanting videos to be more focused on the fun factor, but Nintendo is missing the bigger picture with this one.

Millions of people watch live streams on Twitch. To them it’s fun watching someone else play a game that they’re interested in seeing. A good example would be ShowVideoGames. They’re in the middle of a 375+ hour Mario Kart Marathon. A 375+ hour marathon! Just to be clear, they started at 150 hours and have been moving the marker up every time a certain number of people hit the subscribe button on their page. People willing paid $4.99 to subscribe to their channel because watching them play more hours of the same game was entertaining to them. Obviously watching Joe Blow for 30 minutes or so is entertaining because ShowVideoGames and countless other streamers pull crowds every time they go live.

Also, you can make the argument that Nintendo might want a piece of the live stream pie, but haven’t figured out how to properly go about it yet with Twitch. As you all know, Nintendo pissed off a lot of Let’s Play channels on Youtube last year with copyright claims. Nintendo did back off a little bit after the backlash they received, but now they have an Affiliate Program that will share advertising revenue with YouTube users posting videos with it’s copyrighted content. Reggie stated that monetization on Twitch and Youtube is a completely different conversation, but they do seem to be one in the same in many gamers eyes.

Either way, I think Nintendo is making a mistake by leaving Twitch out of it’s plan and should rethink implementing it in the Wii U or their next console down the line.

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