Posted March 26, 2014 by Gaetano Fratto in Game News

Infamous Boosts PS4 Sales in UK


Bio-terrorist and graffiti artist, Delsin Rowe is firing up sales for Sony with Infamous: Second Son.  Following last week’s release, Playstation 4 sales have sky-rocketed in the UK by a staggering 106%.

Microsoft had wished to a boost in sales like that on their Xbox One with the release of Titanfall earlier this month, especially with their bundle. Microsoft is not out for the count yet though; Titanfall did sell an impressive amount in the US and UK.

Infamous: Second Son follows the story of Delsin Rowe, a Washington born, Akomish Native American graffiti artist who obtains strange fire/smoke-controlling abilities at the hands of a Conduit prisoner. The player chooses whether Rowe uses his powers for good or for evil, effecting the environment around him, the people around him, and his powers themselves.

Infamous: Second Son is available now in stores and for download on the Playstation Store.

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Gaetano Fratto

Gaetano Fratto
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