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Come Visit the HHG/ECA Booth 1074 at Pax East 2014!


Going to PAX East on April 11th? Come visit HipHopGamer and ECA at Booth 1074 and win prizes and giveaways all 3 days!

We’re going to have tons of interactive and fun things for fans to do at the booth including tournaments and giveaways!

On Friday, come hang out and try your hand against the man himself, HipHopGamer at the Street Fighter tournament! The contender with the longest winning streak could win HHG merchandise, a $50 PSN card, or even the chance to be a guest on the HipHopGamer Show!

Hang out and listen as a LIVE podcast will be conducted at the HipHopGamer booth discussing what was hot and what was not on the first day of PAX East and what we’re looking forward to in the upcoming days.

Saturday, we’ll be hosting a Mortal Kombat tournament on Xbox 360! Think you can get a flawless victory? Play against HipHopGamer and other HHG fans as they compete for several prizes! Fighting games aren’t your thing? Come by the booth anyway and take part in our Just Dance Dance Off!

Sunday is Fight Night. Play the critically acclaimed boxing game against HipHopGamer and other HHG fans! Compete for various HHG merchandise, NERDS clothing or HipHopGamer himself giving you a winning shout out on Hot 97’s “All Things Hot” blog!

Sign up for an ECA (Electronic Consumers Association) membership for only $1 at the booth! Wanna each some sweet HHG merch? Sign up at our booth for our e-blast! And don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube, like us on Facebook for a chance to win our NERDS Clothing giveaway, and follow us on Twitter @hiphopgamer and @hiphopgamerinc, using the hashtag #HHGPAX !!

Don’t miss any of HipHopGamer’s interviews at PAX East!

Watch as HipHopGamer gets the scoop on upcoming and featured games with 505 Games, Klei Entertainment, Twitch, Michael Barlet, President & Founder of Ablegamer, Square Enix, Jason Wishnov of Iridium Studios and BEYOND!!!

And don’t forget to visit MegaRan’s Panel on “Hip Hop and Gaming: The Next Frontier” on Sunday April 13th at 2:30pm at Badger!

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