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Amazon Launches Amazon Fire TV Console


Is Amazon the newest competitor in the console wars? Amazon announced and launched their Amazon Fire TV console today.  The console is speculated to run high resolution video streaming and features a quad-core dedicated processor with 2GB of RAM.  Amazon Fire TV is said to be about 3 times faster than other well-known interfaces, Roku and Apple TV.

The Android-based console will cost $99 for the device and a packaged remote control. Consumers have the choice to purchase a $40 controller for a more familiar interface, or purchase an Amazon Fire TV/controller bundle for $140 (no discount, Amazon?) If not, the users are stuck with the packaged remote control to play their games while they wait for the smartphone companion app set to launch sometime in May. While most of the games on the Amazon Fire TV are free, Amazon has also said that other games will only cost around $1.85.

The console can support up to 7 people playing at a time, with some on the dedicated controller or remote control, and others using their smartphone app.

Partnerships with Amazon Fire TV include services such as Netflix and iHeartRadio, but it doesn’t stop there. Big name publishers such as EA, Disney and Ubisoft are looking to get in on some of the action.

Will the Amazon Fire TV put big names like Microsoft and Sony out of commission? No way. But this inexpensive box should not be taken lightly if it does everything it claims to do.

People who enjoy casual games such as Minecraft and Asphalt 8 (which are featured on the device) rather than the triple A, blockbuster titles with the $60 price tag slapped on them may choose to save a couple of hundred dollars and invest in the Amazon Fire TV. Think about it. Xbox One and Playstation 4 offer Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, Amazon Instant Video and so many more apps on their consoles, but with price tags well into the hundreds, people looking for a simple interface so they can catch up with How I Met Your Mother on Netflix or watch a few games of The Elder Scrolls: Online on Twitch just as well on Amazon Fire TV.

What do you guys think? Will the Amazon Fire TV become the new entertainment system for non-gamers? Or is it just a fad and it’ll fade out soon enough? Let us know in the comments below!

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