About HipHopGamer, Inc.

Founded in 2013, HipHopGamer Inc. handles the production and distribution of original webshows produced under the HipHopGamer brand, including the newly reformatted HipHopGamerShow. HipHopGamer INC. is committed to providing high quality, top rated video game news entertainment to all fans of hip hop and gaming. HipHopGamer Inc. currently holds strategic partnerships with EGMNOW.COM, Heyday Footwear, Sony Playstation Home, Machinima.com and The Entertainment Consumers Association. HipHopGamerINC.com is the #1 source of video game and hip hop news, as well as the central hub for the HipHopGamerShow.

About HipHopGamer

For Gerard “HipHopGamer” Williams, video games have always been a passion. Born and raised in Brooklyn, his grandmother Margaret Williams introduced him to gaming when he was only four years old. By 2007, his love of games inspired Gerard to create the HipHopGamerShow, where Gerard reviews and interviews as the persona “HipHopGamer.”  Armed with only a video camera and his John Cena WWE title belt, HipHopGamer shot, edited, and produced all his materials in his own room while working a 9 to 5 in Universal Pictures’ mailroom. In 2008, HipHopGamer started working with Editor-in-Chief Torrence Davis of thebitbag.com (now stfuandplay.com). Gerard’s featured content on Davis’ site sparked HipHopGamer’s professional journalism career, leading to his first E3 appearance and introducing him to the video game industry at large.

HipHopGamer has covered many industry events, bringing with him his unique mix of raw energy and journalism. Not only has he covered every E3 since 2008, he has covered New York Comic-Con, the Games Developer Conference, Spike’s Video Game Awards, and has hosted EA Sports Virgin Gaming Tournaments with Sony Playstation. Gerard has interviewed many celebrities and personalities both within and outside of the video game industry such as Hideo Kojima, David Jaffe, Peter Molyneux, Ed Boon, and Cliff Bleszinki. Notable celebrities include Deadmau5, Tyson Beckford, Hulk Hogan, Asher Roth, Jerry Rice, Carmello Anthony, Tony Hawk, Jadakiss, Xzibit, and Just Blaze. Other notables include “Swifty,” the number 1 player in World of Warcraft and David “Walshy” Walsh, famed professional Halo player.

As one of the very few African American video game journalists, HipHopGamer has contributed to many video game news shows and blogs. He has appeared on famed video-game analyst Michael Pachter’s show Pach-Attack, was interviewed by Amanda Mackay of Spike.TV during E3, featured on TMZ.com and also Ubisoft’s Hip Hop Dance Experience commercial. Some regard HipHopGamer as the first African American journalist to partner with EGM Media, Machinima.com, and Sony Playstation, and credit him for being one of the highest rated contributors to EGMNOW.com. His content, likeness, and Cena WWE Title belt can be found in Playstation Home.

Gerard is also an aspiring hip hop artist; his music has been featured in the ending credits of Twisted Metal and he has performed live at New York City’s Webster Hall. He has composed several tracks inspired by games such as Halo: Reach, Mafia 2, Uncharted 3, Supremacy MMA, Saints Row The Third, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

With the death of his grandmother, Gerard’s passion for video game journalism was reinvigorated. His desire to share with others the same love of gaming his grandmother instilled in him has only increased with time. His game reviews have garnered a dedicated following among gamers, who rely on Gerard for enthusiastic feedback on all elements of the gaming experience.

Our Shows

THE HIPHOPGAMER SHOW: The show that started it all, HipHopGamer (Gerard Williams) covers news and developments in the worlds of gaming and hip hop, conducting interviews, editorials, and sometimes even rap battles. HipHopGamer also reviews new tech products, movies, and the latest trends in streetwear.

SHOTS FIRED: HipHopGamer takes on the world by calling out publications and other journalists for giving poor reviews, false information, or outright bias towards specific games. HipHopGamer also responds to attacks made on his character as a gamer and a journalist.

JUDGMENT DAY: HipHopGamer reviews games as he plays them, giving commentary on the quality of the game and his opinion on whether or not you should buy it. If you don’t believe it, you can see it as he gives you exactly what he thinks exactly when he plays it. Instead of the standard “1-10″ rating, games are judged by whether you should “Demo, Rent or Buy.”

SUPER NINTENDO X SEGA GENESIS: An homage to Brooklyn native Biggie Smalls, HipHopGamer goes out to the public and asks the ever important question: Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis?

SPECIAL FEATURES: HipHopGamer attends industry events, releases music videos for his original music, and more. These features expand his video presence beyond the gaming community, showcasing some of his other interests, like wrestling, & community outreach.